"Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis 101: Bridging the Gap Between Human and Animal Multiple Sclerosis Researchers"

S.M. Meyers, J. O'Mahony, G. Barker, and S.M. Kerfoot (Under Revision)

Abstract: To its credit and great benefit, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research is highly multidisciplinary and collaborative. Researchers from clinical, population health, epidemiology, social work, neuroscience, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), immunology, and other fields, attend the same MS-focused conferences. But effective communication across disciplinary boundaries can be difficult. This paper begins by identifying an important gap in understanding that hinders communication between human-focused MS researchers and bench researchers in immunology, and clarifying why it is so important. It goes on to provide tools–and motivation–for bridging that gap.