G. Barker and P. Kitcher (Oxford University Press), 2013

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Offering an engaging and accessible portrait of the current state of the field, Philosophy of Science: A New Introduction shows readers how to think philosophically about science and why it is both essential and fascinating to do so. Gillian Barker and Philip Kitcher reconsider the core questions in philosophy of science in light of the multitude of changes that have taken place in the decades since the publication of C.G. Hempel's classic work, Philosophy of Natural Science (1966)–both in the field and also in history and sociology of science and the sciences themselves. They explore how philosophical questions are connected to vigorous current debates–including climate change, science and religion, race, intellectual property rights, and medical research priorities–showing how these questions, and philosophers' attempts to answer them, matter in the real world.

Critical Reception of Philosophy of Science: A New Introduction:

"This new textbook from Barker and Kitcher is a wonderful attempt to create a new thoroughly more modern kind of general philosophy of science course that embraces the true expansiveness of the field and the modern concern of philosophers to move beyond traditional epistemological and metaphysical debates... In a very short space of text, this book makes a highly accessible case for an open and inclusive philosophy of science." --Metascience: “Modernizing Philosophy of Science for the Philosopher and Student Alike”

"Philosophy of Science: A New Introduction is an excellent work that should become a standard text in introduction to philosophy of science courses for many years to come. Its best quality is the way in which it reorients the field of philosophy of science to questions of social and political relevance."--Justin B. Biddle, Georgia Institute of Technology

"This is an excellent book written by two excellent scholars. I think that it is the first attempt to recast the format of classical philosophy of science textbooks to take into account how the field has changed since the mid-20th century. I suspect that it will quickly become the standard textbook, and also a stimulating introduction for lay readers and scientists."--Michael Weisberg, University of Pennsylvania

Disciplinary Engagement with Philosophy of Science: A New Introduction:

Meet-the-Author Sessions: Gillian Barker has been invited to visit classes at the University of Miami (Spring 2015 — Prof. Harvey Siegel and Prof. Otavio Bueno) and the University of Toronto (Prof. Mohan Matthen) to discuss the book with students.

Anthology Adoption: The section on Antiscience (principal author: Gillian Barker) was selected for inclusion in the fifth edition of a major philosophy anthology from Oxford University Press: Stephen M. Cahn's Exploring Philosophy

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